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China challenges trade protectionism
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China filed World Trade Organization cases on Friday challenging US countervailing measures against Chinese exports worth nearly $7.3 billion, widening a conflict between the worlds two largest economies. 

The cases, covering US anti-subsidy tariffs on 22 Chinese goods including steel, paper and solar cells, come as a weakening global economy is fueling trade frictions, experts said. 

China began its challenge by requesting consultations with the United States through the WTO to resolve the dispute. If that fails, China can request a ruling by a WTO panel, which can order the US to scrap measures found to violate free-trade commitments, or to pay compensation. 

Chinas mission to the WTO accused Washington of improperly using anti-dumping measures to shield US companies. 

"The relevant practices constitute the abuse of trade remedy measures which undermines the legitimate interests of Chinas enterprises," said a statement by the mission. 

It complained that Washington was repeating its "wrongful practice" from a dispute over Chinese solar power equipment. 

Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said the US acted inconsistently with WTO rules in the countervailing investigations, and continued wrongdoings that had been refuted by the WTO Dispute Settlement Body rulings. 

"We reviewed 22 countervailing cases that the US has launched against China since 2006 and found common wrongdoings in these cases and so complained to the Dispute Settlement Body for consultation," said Li Chenggang, head of the ministrys department of treaty and law. 

Shen added that US misuse of trade remedy measures infringed the interests of Chinese enterprises and aroused intense discontent. 

The US Department of Commerce announced on May 17 that it will impose preliminary anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar power equipment - ranging from 31 percent to 250 percent - after it ruled in March that Chinese manufacturers sold products below cost. The case was included in the 22 cases in which China challenged the US countervailing measures, according to Li. 




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