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Maintenance of the valve
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    Maintenance of the valve:

    1, the long-term storage of the valve, should be regularly checked, the processing of the exposed surfaces shall be clean and remove dirt, when the ball should be placed at both ends and plug in the open, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, channel both ends of the block and should be turned off, neatly stored in the room ventilated, dry place, stacked or open storage is prohibited.

    2, the installation, you must carefully check the sign of the pressure valve, path meets the requirements, to eliminate defects caused by the transport process, and eliminate the valves of the dirt.

    3, the installation can be connected directly by the valve device in piping. Under normal circumstances, can be installed anywhere in the pipeline, but need to facilitate the operation of the maintenance, pay attention to media flow valve shall be vertical upward flow below the valve, lift check valve can be installed horizontally.

    4, ball valve, globe valve, gate valve used only for the fully open or fully closed, adjust the flow is not allowed to do with, so the sealing surface by erosion, accelerated wear and tear. Thread on the valve and valve seal down inside, hand wheel rotation to tighten the top position, you can prevent media leaks from the filler.

    5, ball valve, globe valve, gate valve opening and closing should be hand-wheel, do not use leverage or other tools to avoid damage to the valves. Hand-wheel clockwise to shut down, otherwise it is open.

    6, the packing gland bolts should be tightened evenly and should not be pressed into a crooked state, so as not to bruise the stem impede movement or cause leaks.

    7, the valve in use, should be kept clean, drive screw must be regularly lubricated, find fault, you should immediately stop using, identify the reasons clear the fault.





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