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China Valve Market Opportunities and Anxiety
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Valve is a low-margin products, highly competitive market. Valve on the distribution market are based mainly on the construction of the project, the largest user of the valve is the petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgy, chemical industry and urban construction departments. The main applications in the petrochemical industry standard API valve, the valve and check valve; the power sector the main power plant using high temperature pressure valve, the cut-off valve, safety valve and check valve and the water supply and drainage part of the low-pressure valve butterfly valve, gate valve; The chemical industry mainly uses stainless steel valve, the cut-off valve, check valve; metallurgical industry mainly uses low-voltage large diameter butterfly valve, oxygen and oxygen valve ball; urban construction department used mainly low-pressure valve, such as urban water supply pipelines of the main gate using large-caliber Valve, Yu floor of the main building used butterfly center line, the main city of heating metal seal butterfly valve; the main pipeline and the use of flat-panel ball valve; the pharmaceutical industry mainly uses stainless steel ball valve; the food industry mainly uses stainless steel ball valve and so on. Valves in the water treatment industry in the use of large, low-pressure valve to the main products, such as butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve. It is learned that the market has a size of the valve more than 2,000 enterprises, most are located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang and the Central Plains area. As the product requirements of the relatively low technical content, therefore, more competitive.


Since the 1980s, China began introducing foreign enterprises the same products in the design, technology and other advanced technology and processing equipment, so that our valve manufacturing technology and product quality has been improved rapidly, has reached the age of 80 foreign countries. At present, the domestic production of valves have been able to key enterprises in accordance with ISO international standards, DIN German standards, AWWA standards of the United States and other international standards for the design and manufacture a variety of valves, some manufacturers of the products reached the international advanced level. Although the Chinese New Year of the overall level of the valve industry has been enhanced, but not enough on the quality and stability, such as running, running, drop, the phenomenon of leaking valves in China often occur. In addition, our ability to support the valve with the developed countries there are still some gaps.


On the one hand, Chinas valve products are facing a good opportunity for development. With the development of oil fields to the mainland and the transfer of offshore oil field, as well as the power industry by 300,000 kilowatt thermal power following the more than 300,000 kilowatt thermal power and hydropower and nuclear power development, should also be based on the valve product applications in the field of changes in the corresponding change And the performance parameters. Urban systems generally use a large number of low-pressure valve, and to the energy-saving and environment-friendly development, that is, in the past by the use of low iron gate towards environment-friendly plastic valves, balance valve, butterfly valve sealing metal seal butterfly center line and the transition . Oil and gas pipeline projects to develop in the direction, which in turn requires a large amount of flat and the valve ball. Energy development is the other side of the energy-saving, so from the energy point of view, it is necessary to the development of the steam trap, and sub-critical and supercritical parameters of the development of the high.


Power to the building of large-scale development, it required large-diameter high-pressure and the safety valve and pressure relief valve, but also required fast gate valves. The need to complete the project, the supply of valves from a single species to species and more and more development of the specifications. A valve for the project from a valve manufacturer to provide all of the trend is growing.


On the other hand, we have to take seriously the valve market, many of the issues. As the valve market in China has basically formed state-owned, collective, joint ventures, both private and individual shares. In the fierce competition in the market require a steady development of the enterprises are concerned about the following issues: efforts to reduce production costs, focus on improving performance and efficiency; on the development of high-grade products or one-and small-batch production of non-standard products; through Valve products, international quality certification; valve products to environmental protection, energy saving direction. However, it is inevitable that individual for profit, others at the expense of the interests of the illegal manufacturers, to disturb the normal development of the valve market.


Generally speaking, Chinas valve market prices relatively stable, although there is a slight take-off and landing every year, but the margin is very small. North China market from the valve, discovered a number of profitable enterprises Yicichonghao seriously disrupted the valve market. Valve market, the main problems: First, some of the operators to buy the site of the Chang Ming-free valves, printing well-known brand-name manufacturers and certification, qualified enterprises valve causing serious harm to the reputation. Second, the refurbishment of valves, and some of the operators through the valves used to re-paint sales for the second time, the quality of the project to the serious security risks.


Through analysis of the valve market is not difficult to find, our valve products have good market prospects, but must standardize the market order and strict management, the elimination of cut-throat competition here with the call of the conscience of the industry and the governments quality control.






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