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Market Trend of China Valves is very promising
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Market competition led to the valve round and round intense competition in China. To the international business man,these years are more obvious. The future development trends of the valves focus markets attention. Market analysts believe that the development trends of the four valves will be the main topic of the market for quite a long time.

The development of large-scale, small-scale and new series of valve products

Develop various kinds of valves such as the small valve, large valves and tracked high-set driver valve. Develop variable speed products such as wet land type, super-wet land type, desert type, bush-type, high-temperature high-pressure type, low temperature low pressure type valve and heavy valves and the light valve. Develop multi-functional, multi-purpose products so that to be multi-use, energy efficient. Recent the most promising products are in rapidly development such as high-power track gate valve, a new track ball valve series.

Hydraulic control valves future trends

The development of excellent hydraulic control valves should possess the character of large emissions, high sensitivity, resistance to corrosion, abrasion, zero leakage. The hydraulic control valve became good, safe, comfortable and good products which integrate computer technology, monitoring technology with high levels of hydraulic control valves, development operations.

Develop high-performance large-regulating valve to suit the needs of our major projects. Developing micro-regulating valve is in order to meet the narrow needs of the work like ditching dig trenches, buried cable. And some new varieties valve will adapt to the power station, petroleum, coal, water, farmland, and the various needs of the urban construction. Develop a variety of the valves can be monitored, controlled by many conditions and improve operator working conditions. Promising products will be medium-sized intelligent electric valve, mini-intelligent electric valve, and remote intelligent electric valve.

Valve promotion towards to universal

Chairman of China valve Processing Industry Association said the valve industry has now become the basic materials industry to keep pace with the steel, cement, timber and other industries. The valve industry is a sunrise industry. The visionary entrepreneurs and investors in central region gradually invest in the valve industry and gain the generous profits.



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