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20th Anniversary For Huihua Valve!
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The summer in August is shining brightly. This is a season full of vitality and vitality. Time is like a giant pen, writing the glory of Huihua valve industry.
The past glory and performance are not our flaunting capital, but the cornerstone for more attentive research and improvement of technical service quality in the future.
Twenty years ago in August, Huihua Valve Industry was established, opening a new chapter.

Since its establishment, the company has been ambitious and adhering to the vision of "get every serving of fluid to its destination safely and accutely". The employees of the enterprise are persistent and firm, from the first day of establishment, everyone takes this as the goal, strictly disciplines themselves, does their best, pioneers and innovates in their ordinary jobs, and diligently casts the brilliance of Huihua with sweat and hard work.
Twenty years of being in the same boat, twenty years of forging ahead, a new journey and a new starting point, we have a long way to go, let us create a new chapter of brilliance and common composition. See you for the next 20 years!

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