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Hiwa Valve- The 3rd "May 4th" Youth Day Event!
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In order to commemorate the May Fourth Patriotic Movement, we carried forward the core values of “Happiness, Efficiency, and Internationalization” and fully demonstrate the spirit of “HIWA People” actively and aggressively. On the afternoon of May 4, 2019, the company organized “To Youth”. The 3rd "May 4th" Youth Day event with the theme of "Unity and Happiness". The sports meeting has a number of projects, including tug-of-war, multi-person skipping, sandbags, badminton and other projects. Due to the fun of the competition, it was welcomed by the staff. The applause, laughter and audience cheered. Voices of the winners and the winners are on the rise. The audience interacts and exchanges on the field. The whole game is always filled with a happy and peaceful atmosphere. In the laughter of everyone, the exhaustion of one body was washed away, and the team spirit and cohesiveness of HIWA team were enhanced.

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